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You are whole, creative, resourceful and brilliant!
You know it! But sometimes you may not feel it.

You’ve survived decades of being “good” and hiding your “struggles” and discomfort with your period and possibly even a little afraid your brain won’t let you be great.

The struggle is real! Understanding your Menstrual Flow and your brain is key to building trust and resilience with confidence and clarity.

You’re feeling:

Overwhelmed because it’s hard to complete what’s on your to-do list
Invisible from having to mask and hide your real feelings
Unsure how to explain again that the way the office works doesn’t work for your brain
Exhausted from working three times as hard and hours longer just to keep up

You need an easier way to work with your brilliantly unique brain to make small changes and get big results in your life. 

You’re a Woman with ADHD! The layers of complexity to your identity, relationships, and work means that there are so many ways in which you are undervalued and misunderstood.

Here’s what I know:

  • You have had 200+ periods in your life (1,400-2,800days)
  • You have been pressured to “be good” and “calm” and “control your emotions”
  • You’ve had to manage more responsibilities while the rollercoaster of 100s of hormone changes happen every month
  • Your strengths shine and those around you often notice
  • You have a big vision for how you want your life to be

I also know:

  • You feel misunderstood and stressed inside
  • You sense you won’t progress to where you want because every month you feel like you can’t keep up the pace
  • You aren’t getting your self-care needs met

You need a safe place to help you understand your executive functioning and not feel judged when things don’t go exactly to plan or you’re struggling with unhealthy coping mechanisms.

A 8-week online group coaching program designed for ADHD Women!

Do you experience these thoughts?

  • I feel lost
  • I never do anything right
  • I am so overwhelmed
  • I am fatigued and burnt out
  • I’m in chaos and chaos is stress
  • I have no support
  • I have no energy for things I like
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Feel like I am a fraud
  • I am constantly worried
  • I feel like I avoid everything
  • I panic when I get close to presenting

Let’s SHIFT those thoughts together
And FLOW toward your VISION!

AND know that you aren’t alone in this journey…

Hi, I’m Catalina! I’m your Coach in ADHD Curiosity and Flow and I’ve been stuck with panic and overwhelm too.

I have hit the wall, so many times from overcommitment, poor boundaries, and constantly changing reactions based on my cycle. This impacted how I showed up for myself, friends, partner, and our children. When I was diagnosed with ADHD, I knew I needed to understand what that meant from every angle. The CURIOSITY PRO went to town on satisfying the curiosity about my past, my thoughts, my hormones, and so on. I was the only ADHD woman in my group of friends, until I started to look through the decades of connections and found the women I bonded with the most. It has been a beautiful thing to accept myself, my brain, my creativity.

You are not alone!

I want to support you as you discover your cycles & rhythms, celebrate your strengths & talents, and anchor your values and vision.

You are whole and brilliant! Sometimes distracted or inconsistent.

Just surviving PMS or PMDD (45% ADHD women) and your period for more than a decade and either undiagnosed or misunderstanding of your ADHD has led to mistrust of yourself developed over a lifetime of invisible struggle.

Over and over I’ve helped clients to learn to work with your brain, design custom solutions to be more productive and thrive at work and at home.

And because of my background in education and community programs I know what it means to want more support, pleasure and connection and not have the strategy or support to get there.

That’s why I’ve designed this program to focus on 3 keys areas to support you: ADHD education and acceptance, menstrual cycle navigation and self-care essentials of kindness and permission.

I want you to get started on the next steps of your life journey with a solid foundation from which to build lasting change.

Join the Curiosity and FLOW Group Coaching Program!

A 8-week online group coaching program designed for ADHD Women!


3 Keys to Thrive with your Menstrual Cycle

Module 1- ADHD Self-Acceptance (without Judgement)
When you clarify what ADHD looks like for you, you can elevate your strengths and support greater self-acceptance of your uniquely brilliant brain.
May 6 begin

Module 2- Menstrual Cycle and FLOW States
We’ll explore the impacts of your cycle and you experiences and develop strategies that work for you. Including how to manage expectations and clarity around your next best steps.

Module 3- Self Care Essentials and FLOW States
You need simpler tools and tactics to take care of yourself so that you maintain your physical and mental health and prevent burnout.

ADHD Curiosity & FLOW includes:
Weekly Group Sessions 8 x 60 min sessions
(Access to recordings & Mini Lessons, Tips, & more!)
Private Community

Learn about your ADHD!
Learn about your monthly FLOW!
Learn how to utilize your monthly phases
to get into FLOW and transition.

Join me in the ADHD Flow Group Coaching Program!

A 8-week online group coaching program designed for ADHD Women!


Still have questions?

See the questions and answers below to help you decide if The ADHD Curiosity & Flow is a good fit:

Q1: What is ADHD FLOW?

A1: An 8 week coaching program from Women with ADHD. We’ll build community and grow through topics centered on 3 key topics: ADHD acceptance, menstrual cycles and self-care essentials.

You’ll have access to:
Rich weekly sessions including a learning topic and laser coaching to help you understand the different aspects of your ADHD and how it impacts you, even when you’re absorbing it through looking into another member’s experience
Session worksheets to support learning and reflection.
>Online community to connect with other program participants
>Support, accountability, and networking with other ADHD Women
+FLOW Boost (Extra) 8 individual coaching sessions with Catalina to deepen insights into your situation and strategize how to incorporate learning into your day.

Q2: Do I have to be diagnosed with ADHD to participate?

A2: No. I know it is not easy to get a diagnosis. The intention is to help those with brain fog, executive functioning challenges like time management, decision making, emotional regulation, focus, etc… If you have or suspect ADHD traits and your brain is what’s keeping you from being and doing better, then this program would be a fit for you.

Q3: I’m just starting my ADHD journey, is that okay?

A3: Yes and actually it’s a great time to join because you will have the fellowship and opportunity to learn and ask questions in a safe and judgement free zone.

Q4: How much is the program usually?

A4: The program is $797 when you pay in full. Or You can make a deposit of $425 now and an additional payment of $425 for a total of $850. The installment payments will be billed every 4 weeks. 

Q5: What is the price so low?

A5: May is my BIRTHDAY month, and I wanted to price for impact and reach as many ADHD Ladies as I can through this time of celebration! As an ADHD woman, mother, and coach, I want to support ADHD women to ENJOY YOUR SUMMER with SUPPORT!!!

Q6: When are the group sessions??

A6: Each Saturday EST we will meet for 60+ minutes. We will start the first week of June 3rd, 2023 and end July 29th 2023. If the first session fills, a waitlist will begin. Other opportunities will be available based on the availability of the group.

Q7: Do I have to attend all the group sessions??

A7: The program includes topics in 3 key topics: ADHD acceptance, menstrual cycle and self-care essentials. These three topics help us begin to access our mental flow states. I look forward to seeing you each session but I know from time-to-time emergencies will come up. I’ve structured the content into modules so that even if you had to miss a session you wouldn’t completely miss the topic contained in that module.

Q8: How will we attend the group sessions?

A8: Weekly sessions are hosted via Zoom. The meeting link will be emailed to you and posted in the group as a reminder. You can join from the browser or app on your desired device.

Q9: When can I access the community?

A9: Once you join the program on Thinkific you’ll receive an email containing the link to join. The community will open 4-7 days before the first session. As long as all the technology cooperates it will be available in your courses. Once in, please introduce yourself. You will have access to the community through the end of the program. (Before that you can join the free courses!)

Q10: When can I start my 1-1 coaching for FLOW Elite?

A10: The individual sessions will be available starting May 25th. If you would like to use your sessions in consecutive weeks that’s okay as long as schedules permit. If you want to do 2 in the same week, that is fine. Please note all 4 or 8 sessions must be used within 2 months of the start of the program.

Q11: I’m not ADHD but feel this program would be right for me. Can I still join?

A11: Let’s chat: Click here to schedule a call with Catalina!

You are not alone…

It doesn’t take forever for you to experience a better life.
You just need to take the first step- decide to try a different way.

The physical, mental and emotional toll of the hundreds of hormone fluctuations that impact your ADHD has been lonely and frustrating. For some of you, you were told to just take care of it and stop being so emotional. Understanding your cycle helps you create scripts, boundaries, and space for you to navigate and care for your mental and physical health. You deserve some relief.

I look forward to connecting with you soon inside the ADHD FLOW group!

Join Coach Catalina!

Are you ready for an impact on your ADHD life?
Need support and a community to celebrate your successes and help you understand your ADHD?

Make an impact on your day, your week and your summer with Coach Catalina!

For only $300

8 Group Sessions (weekly 60+ minutes)
56 Daily Morning check – ins in Community
56 Evening Celebrations in Community
8 Office Hours (weekly 60+ minutes) will be scheduled based on community avaialabity
A great community for support, success celebration, and accountability.

With the BOOST! You Get 8 1:1 sessions just for you!
(If you want the BOOST, register now. Space is limited.)

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