Catalina Finck


I’m Catalina, and I help adults sort through the overwhelm and chaos of life so they can identify obstacles & create strategies to help them live a more fulfilling life filled with curiosity.

I believe that you are the expert of your own mind and life and that you innately know what works best for you. As your coach and champion, I’ll help you uncover your rhythms, get clear about your vision and values that anchor you, and develop steps to make your vision possible.

Diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 38, I’ve now made it my mission to help neurodivergent adults and parents of neurodivergent children learn to love their brains and find joy in life! My focus is supporting women to harness their FLOW, understand the impacts hormones have on our brains, emotions, and our relationships. Grow in awareness and harness Flow States throughout the month, especially during PMS and PMDD.

I’ve spent the last few years supporting clients as a Productivity Coach and a Parent Coach to change their mindset and reframe their values and intentions so they can finally recognize and lean into their abilities, pleasure & curiosity.

My main focus is working with women to find harmony within themselves, with their relationships and their work. The greatest impact for these coaching sessions was accountability to be curious and grow in awareness about their menstrual cycles as a part of the conversation.

I’m a coach & educator, as well as a mother sprinkling curiosity on life! I live in Newark, Delaware, with my husband and our 2 children. Before coaching, I have been a leader, educator, and program specialist. Over the last decade as a professional & a parent, I have taken the time to learn as much as possible about how to be curious, confident, and calm as I navigate the flow between rigidity and chaos.

As a professional, entrepreneur, spouse, and parent, my daily curiosity practices help me stay anchored and aligned with my authentic self and my values.

My husband, ADHD Coach, Jeremy Finck hosts group coaching opportunities on the intersections of ADHD and Peak Performance. His upcoming program is on ADHD Activation.

Curiosity is Active! Exciting! Stimulating! Energizing!
Are you ready for a Curious life?

I can help you:
🔴 Learn more about your specific Menstrual Flow Cycles, ADHD characteristics, Sensory triggers, & your rhythms
🟠 Feel accepted and understand the “why” behind your difficulties & obstacles
🟡 Develop support systems (scaffolding) & strategies that will work for you & your unique brain, and help you navigate relationships
🟢 Establish a more peaceful relationship with yourself, your family & others
🔵 Develop ways to prioritize your mental and emotional health and well-being
🟣 Develop skills to leverage curiosity to strengthen your boundaries and energy

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