Curiosity is Active! Exciting! Stimulating! Energizing!

Curiosity can help you:
🔴 With Activation & Sustaining focus
🟠 With learning & remembering new information & important details
🟡 Accept without judgment & understand the “why” behind your difficulties & obstacles
🟢 Reduce burnout & decision fatigue
🔵 Develop support systems (scaffolding) & strategies that will work for you & your unique brain, and help you navigate relationships
🟣 Establish a more peaceful relationship with yourself, your family & others

Curiosity increases the brain’s “wanting system”
for dopamine, rewards, food, or sex.

Curiosity is the the brain’s drive
toward growth and pleasure,
knowledge hunger and stimulation!

How does it feel when you are curious?

Excitement, Surprise, Satisfaction,
Frustration, Wonder, or Intrigue?

How does it feel when your curiosity is satisfied?

Astropohysicist Mario Livio says, “Satisfying our curiosity is like having good sex.”

Curiosity & Learning

Curiosity energizes you to be observant, seek out new information, and to look at things with new possibilities. Curiosity helps us learn and retain memories. The heightened positive emotions make memory retention easier.

For neurodivergent brains, CURIOSITY leverages all the neurology of the brain and the wanting of dopamine, which has an incredible impact on how we SHIFT when we face challenges, obstacles and disruptions. It can take of from paralysis cycles to the ability to excel in the face of any disruption.

Are you ready to leverage your Curiosity?
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